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There are five stages of education. They are Pre-primary stage, Primary Stage, Middle Stage, Secondary Stage and Higher Secondary Stage. Different modules are implemented in different stages Pre-Primary Stage.

This is the stage in which the child is being provided foundation education. This includes not only studying tasks but all the daily routine habits such as eating habits, reading skills, toilet habits, and developing their cognitive (thinking, reasoning or remembering) skills. As these children are restless, we utilize several activity methods to attract their attention to teacher. Poetically speaking, Preschool teaching is no less than an art form. All children are not similar. Some need more care and some is in vice versa. So, attracting activity classes will be providing to this section. Next is pre-primary section. They also will be providing somewhat same method of teaching.

Playway Method: The institutions rely heaving of activities such as role plays, virtual games, singing, free play and a lot more, to teach children. It is believed that such a method of learning brings exposure to the child in a friendly environment with no pressure at all. Another method is object method. We will be providing several objects to make the students to understand about it. Also, all the class rooms will be digitalized. So the children can view and experience while the teacher is teaching through the screen.

Primary stage as well as Middle Stage class rooms will be digitalized and objects will be provided as teaching aids. Qualified and experienced teachers will be provided to assist the students. They will explain the concept of lessons and also provide necessary word meanings. Assignments will be provided to students to solve the same. It will be checked by the teachers. If rectification is needed, it will be communicated and rectified. Rewards will be given to a student who performs excellently.